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Frequently asked questions
A few of the questions our customers have, a few that you may have too
Why is the price directly not available here, with me being able to signup?
We do have a simple pricing model based on number of users. We have chosen not to have a self signup on the site at the moment to enable us to understand your need first. We talk to all who signup first, understand their need and configure the system in a way that works for your usecase. With experience we have realized that the setup, configuration, training and multiple other aspects of the onboarding process is very different for different types of clients, be it a 2 recruiter staffing company or a 500 recruiter staffing firm. Talking to you first allows us to understand your need and then suggest the next best steps. Hence the choise not to have a self signup model.
So what is the typical signup process? How long does the setup take?
You give us your details here and we will reachout to you within a day. In most cases we setup a demo to show you what the product is capable of, and also send you across the pricing. Once you decide to go with the product we have a quick 10-15 minute conversation on the best configuration that will work for you and set it up. Thats it your team can login and start using the product. The setup process itself usually gets done wtihin a day. Post setup, we do train your team on the workflow that makes sense for your company. Then we continue to monitor the usage by the team and help them with any challenges till things settle down, which in our experience takes upto a week.
What does the pricing include?
All the features of Hirewand is included in the pricing. We do not withold features to customers based on pricing. In the future Hirewand could come out with new products that may not be included in the current pricing.
Would you customize for our need?
No, we do not. Hirewand is a SaaS hosted on a common infrastructure. The data for the users are isolated, but the product itself is the same that all our customers see and use. Hence we do not do any customer specific customization.