HireWand – taking the first steps

HireWand’s goal is to be a tool to help companies leverage their own pool of candidates thereby reducing time to hire and leading time while helping with quality of hire.

  • Lower cost. With most of the hiring happening through a shortlist of the company’s own candidate pool, reduce dependency on costly resume databases and external recruitment vendors. Increase efficiency of your recruitment team by letting HireWand manage the mundane task of going through the resumes and pulling up just the right profiles for the recruiter to shortlist from.
  • Better quality. With an intelligent system pulling up just the right profiles, the recruiter only needs to contend with the good quality list of profiles. This frees up the recruiter to focus on each candidate in greater detail and on the more human aspects of hiring.
  • Shorter lead time to hire. With the first shortlist pulled up in seconds and by efficiently finding quality candidates from existing database the lead time to hire can be reduced by more than 50%. This can also have a direct impact on cost for any firm.


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