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HireWand helps you create and build your own candidate pool. The pool may have profiles you got an hour back or one that you got two years back. As an organization you would want to leverage both.

For your new requirement you would likely want to call up the excellent fit candidates whose resumes you have received recently. This is not an option for older profiles since the ratio of the number of candidates who may still be interested in this requirement is going to be very low. We know from our clients experiences this ration is around 3-5%.

For the older profiles leverage you first want to check the candidate’s interest in the particular requirement before talking to them.  You don’t want to call up 2000 candidates to find that 50 of them are interested. HireWand makes this process easy for you with 2 features:

Interest check mail

As soon as a new search or a new requirement is created the recruiter will see this suggestion popping up.

They can click through this dialog and send out a mail to all the inactive candidates. The candidates will see an interest check mail with the JD and their own resume attached. They can choose to indicate their interest by picking one of the options from:



When the candidate shows interest the recruiter will be notified through mail. The recruiter only needs to talk to the interested good-fit candidates. As an organization this also enables quality engagement with the candidates in the candidate pool.

Bulk mail send

The recruiter can also choose to send a mail to a subset of candidates. This can be done by clicking on the send mail option for a specific requirement. There are 2 ways of doing this:

  • Multi-select the candidates and click on “send mail”. In this case a mail goes out to only the candidates chosen.
  • The other option is to click on “Send mail” for a requirement without multi-selecting any candidate. The recruiter will be asked to define the rule to pick the candidates from within the requirement. The default happens to be “Profiles in Inactive stage with good or excellent fit-rating”

Please go ahead and use our interest check feature to generate active leads from your existing database. In all it takes less than 2 minutes per requirement. Go ahead try it out …

Also feel free to send us any feedback you may have.

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